Multi-purpose aerial work platform crane put into use

31 Mar 2023

Meet our new HWK 40/45 meter aerial platform crane! This is the third in addition to our two 48/52 HWKs, and again made entirely of aluminum. This HWK is smaller with a maximum hook height of 45 meters and maximum aerial platform height of 40 meters. Despite the smaller version, this machine certainly can keep up with its bigger brothers.

This HWK 40/45 has a large loading space with room for 8 pallets and a low net weight of only 20 tons. This means that this aerial work platform crane is extremely suitable for reaching places where a low permitted axle and outrigger pressure applies. This HWK is also shorter than its larger brothers, with a length of 10 meters, which ensures that it can reach even tighter locations.

Just like the other two, this machine has an automatic outrigger system that works with variobase and a Euro 6 motor that also works hybrid so it can work fully electrically with a 32A cable.